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You or someone you know can make a difference in a child’s life. Become a Friends of Youth foster parent.

Friends of Youth has therapeutic foster homes for children who have faced significant family trauma and need a safe home and counseling. The children may have behavioral or mental health issues that require a great deal of support.

More than just a place to live, our current foster homes throughout King and Snohomish Counties provide a therapeutic living environment for youth ages 6 through 17. Our licensed foster parents provide their foster children with a stable family environment. Foster parents receive free training, a generous reimbursement, periodic weekend respite and the support of a therapeutic team working with each child in their home.

Friends of Youth is looking for foster family homes with special parents willing to share their hearts and homes with children in need. As a foster parent, you can make a profound difference in a child’s life by offering love, guidance and understanding.

We are also looking for families that can give our foster parents a break for a few hours or for a few days.

However you can help, become a part of our therapeutic team by contacting:

Foster Home Recruiter ~ Paul Tan (206) 859-6290 ext 221

Friends of Youth Licensor ~ Skye Camphouse (425) 228-5776, ext. 129


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Shmuel Rubinstein, a school teacher at a Friends of Youth Residential program, shares some of the different, fun activities clients have had the chance to enjoy.  Some articles are written by clients.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2011

Well, this week we did lots of fun things. On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to Seward Park with the Audubon Society. We all really enjoyed it cause we were learning about the nature and life of things in the forest. On Monday, we started making piñatas because we wanted to have them ready for Thursday to celebrate the Independence Day of Central America and Mexico. We got to work on them throughout the week and were able to finish them on Thursday. We then broke them after lunch. We all had candy, which was the best part of it – eating sugar. On Friday, we went to the Starfire Sports Complex after lunch to go and play soccer. We enjoyed this because we also got to see the Seattle Sounders who were there practicing and getting ready for their game this weekend. We enjoyed this week because we were able to spend time with the teacher and with our peers. (submitted by Nestor)

SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

This week, as part of school, we went to the waters of the Puget Sound for a school field trip to work with the Sound Experience (http://www.soundexp.org/) group’s sailing program for youth. We got to put up the sails on their huge sail boat, The Adventuress,  and it was a lot of fun! Also, we got to see crabs, planktons and starfish. This was one of the best trips we have done all year! We spent three hours in the Puget Sound learning about science and the environment and how to sail a ship. Later in the week we made a song that we thought Captain Daniel and his crew would enjoy. It was one of the best weeks! (Submitted by Jose)

OCTOBER 14, 2011

This week we went to the Starfire Sports Complex, in Tukwila. We went there to play on their incredible indoor field, like we do every week. It was really fun because we get to improve our soccer skills, and at the same time have fun playing soccer. This is a sport that most all of us LOVE – so it is a special thing for us to get to play at such a great place like Starfire. We also did some fun art classes in school this week. I am learning to draw in different ways, and I like that. (Submitted by Edgar)

We are so lucky to be able to offer entertaining experiences for these special young adults. Thank you to all who make such things possible. If you or anyone you know would like to host an excursion for our clients, you can contact us at info@friendsofyouth.org or call  425-869-6490 x317.

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Jacob Hobbs, 17, and Joss Horslen, 16, plant flowers

Someone asked me the other day, what I liked about my job. The answer was easy…working with volunteers. This past year has become even more fun with Friends of Youth expanding its teen volunteer program. In response to calls from parents seeking volunteer opportunities for their teenage son or daughter to fulfill junior high or high school service hours, Friends of Youth started a program called 3 in a Row. Teenagers get together once a month and do three hours of community service in one afternoon. Each month is a different focus, but all incorporate learning about a specific Friends of Youth program and how youth come to be in that particular program.

Additionally, Friends of Youth partners with various youth groups for projects. Wilder Elementary School’s Care and Share Club, Overlake High Schools Community Service Day, Timbercrest Junior High for an annual stocking drive and now the Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee (RYPAC). In honor of National Foster Care Month, the RYPAC crew came armed with gardening tools, donated plants and tons of enthusiasm.

(From left to right) Tylor Town, 14, teen programs director Ken Wong, and Kanon Shibata, 13, planting flowers

Their task was a yard makeover at the Redmond Foster Home. The crew split up and tackled weed pulling, plant transplanting, plant bed preparation, pruning and raking. The weed pulling crews reminded me of Pac Man…gobbling up every weed in site. It was amazing to me that the teens could differentiate between a weed and juvenile plant, but they could, and not a weed remained in any of the flower beds.

RYPAC chair Jesse Ewing-Frable, 17, glues buttons to a pot Saturday for the Redmond Foster Home

The donated plants RYPAC secured added a variety of color and texture to the established beds and the end result was pure artistry! As an added activity, terra cotta pots were embellished with paint, buttons, clay and twine, sprayed with varnish, and then given a plant to create a container garden. It was a fun opportunity for each teen to express themselves and oh did they. The pots were colorful and unique and created a beautiful garden centerpiece. It was an exciting afternoon and great opportunity for teens to support teens and I hope that Friends of Youth can continue to grow this relationship with RYPAC. They are definitely a volunteer force who completes what they set out to do and…has fun while they are doing it!

(From left to right) Mitch Fanning, 17, Joss Horslen, 16, and Jacob Hobbs, 17, display the plants they potted Saturday

Written by: Cheryl Schnelle (Volunteer Coordinator, Friends of Youth)

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